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Perfect to me
You were sitting on a log talking to Peter when you noticed Wendy motioning you to follow with her hand. Excusing yourself from Peter, you got got up and trailed after her.
After about five minutes of walking you came to clearing where Wendy turned around to look at you.
"So... What's up Wen-"
"Oh shut up y/n"!
You put your hands up as if you were surrendering. "Whoa, what I did I do"? You asked  extremely confused.
"Oh you know exactly what you did" she snarled, taking a step closer towards you.
You you raised an eyebrow as if you were still confused and she huffed in annoyance.
"You were flirting with Pan y/n, Hell you were basically throwing yourself at him acting luck a total slut" she said getting louder with every word. "And guess what y/n, he's MINE so back off".
"Alright you listen to me now. I was not flirting nor throwing myself at Peter and if you weren't such a jealous bitch and actually opened your eyes for once, maybe you would see that" you yelled back.
"Just stay a
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Lost Girl (Peter Pan X Reader) Chapter 4.1
OUAT/Peter Pan X Reader
    I slipped out of bed trying my hardest not to disturb Red. I could still hear the light, upbeat tune drifting through the open window. I don't know why, but there was something that was drawing me towards the sound.
    I didn't even bother changing out of my nightgown before climbing over the wooden windowsill. My bare feet made contact with the cold floor, but at the moment it wasn't of importance. The music was all that mattered.
    As I got deeper into the woods the song got louder. I increased my pace, itching with anticipation. There was a light in the distance growing brighter as I made my way toward my destination.
    My eyes widened at the sight I found before I felt my face splitting into a smile that stretched from ear to ear.
    A group of boys, at least fifteen or so and varying of age, danced in a circle to the beat of the eccentric song. They all moved like they didn
:iconlilalisonangel:LilAlisonAngel 38 7
Cracked Kiss (Satoshi Mochida X Yandere!Reader)
Satoshi didn’t know exactly when you went insane.
One moment, you were fine, laughing and smiling and even making jokes to keep his and Yuka’s spirits up, and the next, you were lashing out at him. He wasn’t sure what happened, but he believed the pressure and fear from the situation had finally made you crack, pushing you over the edge of sanity and sending you plunging down into the chaos of madness. Heavenly Host Elementary was certainly capable of bringing the bravest to their knees.
The three of you had been walking down the outdoor pathway that connected the two wings of Heavenly Host, and you were holding Yuka’s hand and swinging it back and forth, smiling at the younger of the Mochidas. Satoshi was on the other side of Yuka, feeling warm as he watched his two favourite girls laugh with each other. As you all neared the double doors that led to the second wing, you suddenly let out a sharp cry of pain, falling to your knees and releasing Yuka’s hand
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Mermen by Julescroc13 Mermen :iconjulescroc13:Julescroc13 3 4 NAGA the snake by Julescroc13 NAGA the snake :iconjulescroc13:Julescroc13 5 4 Mini-King-of-Dark-Titans by Julescroc13 Mini-King-of-Dark-Titans :iconjulescroc13:Julescroc13 2 3 Mother of a monster by Julescroc13 Mother of a monster :iconjulescroc13:Julescroc13 3 7 Slender men by Julescroc13 Slender men :iconjulescroc13:Julescroc13 3 1
Sonic X Shadow X Mephiles X Scourge Story
Sonic was having a date with Shadow. They were lying down on the grass and watching the stars.
Shadow: The stars are beautiful aren't they?
Sonic: Heheh! Yeah they sure are.
Shadow: But you are the most beautiful Soniku.
Sonic: Aww! Thanks Shadokun.
Without noticing Scourge was watching them behind a tree. He looked at Shadow with anger.
Scourge: (Ugh! How dare he take what's mine! I will get my Soniku back!)
Then he thought up a idea for a plan which made him smirk.
Scourge: (Yes...I got a great idea to get him back!) *Snickers*
At the next day Sonic and Shadow wake up in the bed together.
Shadow: Morning Soniku.
Sonic: Heheh! Morning Shadokun!
Shadow was making breakfast while Sonic was lying on the sofa. Things seem to be normal until a letter came through the door.
Sonic: Huh? A letter for me?
He opens the letter and sees that somebody wants to see him alone in the forest. There is no reason and doesn't show who sent
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Hey guys! Thanks for adding my story, "He controls the Universe" to your favorites! 
I didn't think y'all would love it! :D Kawaii (Jacksepticeye) 
Coming Soon to Wattpad
An ordinary teen "somehow" managed to find a way to cast out two different characters into the "Modern". A video game character and a character from a DC movie. Those two characters came to our modern world. ... More
He controls the Universe
"Sir Tomas Trainus 2 here," I said, holding the telephone by my ear. 
     "Hey! Trainus 2! Where's the other Sir Tomas-?!" The conductor yelled. 
I winced. 
    "Errr.. Sir... I'll try and get in contact.. I'll call you back," I replied. 

"Okay.. but you better report back." 

The phone hang up, and I searched for the telephone book. Maybe the original Sir Tomas Trainus' phone number is here...
  I flipped through pages, and quickly scanned for the name. I finally found the contact, and dialed it on the telephone. 
  I hoped Sir Tomas Trainus the Orginal would answer. 

     "I'm sorry, the person you're calling is unavailable," said the voice monitor. "Please leave a message....."
Then there was a loud BEEP. 
I sighed, and hung up. I redialed the conductor's number, and called him. He picked up.
"Well? Did she answer?!" The conductor asked.

       "Sadly, no...." I began.
"Did you leave at least a damn message?!"

"No... I didn't think she would answer," I reasoned. 

"You idiot!! You should've left a message!!! Now we're doomed!" The conductor shouted. 
He was hurting my ear with his loud voice.

"S-Sir? What do you mean... 'We're doomed'?" I questioned. 

That's when I hear the phone in the background drop. I hear voices. 
I even hear the conductor's voice.

"S-S-Sir! I'm sorry... I was trying to....." The conductor began, stammering. 

"You should've tried even harder," The voice in the background said. 
       "S-Sir!!" The conductor squeaked. 

"Well, you failed me..." The voice slowly said.

Then, I hear the conductor's scream.

"Sir?! Sir?!!?!" I yelled. "Are you okay?!" 

That's when I hear the same voice from the background.

"I'm sorry. But he won't be able to answer right this moment.." Then, there was a loud beep. 

The phone hang up.

Holy shit!!!!
I ran out of the office, and started to run. Conductors cocked their heads and talked to each other when I ran out. 

I came home, and gasped for air. 
I see Percy Jackson, walking out of the living room, holding a paper plate, with a pizza slice. 

   "Hey... Tomas 2, what's the big rush?" Percy asked. 

"P-P-Percy... You cannot believe what I've heard," I gasped.

     Percy smiled.
"It's okay, whatever problems you have," He said. "You can tell me." 

    You moron!

"I-I-I..... I heard the conductor talking to some person... and then... I heard the guy in the background say that he failed, and.... I heard the conductor scream, and then.. the creepy voice..." I was talking too fast.
    Percy held up his "pointy" finger. 
"Wait...." He ate his pizza slice.
"So... you're telling me.. that the person in the background might've killed the conductor?" He asked, as he swallowed his food.

i facepalmed. 
    "I can't get in contact with the Orginal Tomas Trainus! It's like as if... she's.... I don't know..." I paused.
Percy finished his pizza, and threw it on the nearby trash bin. 
   "Gee... You really don't know what it's like, eh?" I walked past by him, and started to run up the stairs. 
I went to my room, and opened up the closet. 

I had a whole collection of suits and hats, and ties. I also had multiple black shoes. 
Is ist just me... or am I just dressing up like a man?

  "Tomas 2?! What are you doing?" Percy asked, as he ran towards me. 

"This stuff....... I forgot how I ended up with this," I whispered.

"Duh. Remember when Sir Topham Hatt offered you these clothes when you first arrived? Tomas the Original had clothes like this, too," Percy explained. 

     "Exactly! But.. Percy.. The conductor... he told me that we're doomed. But I don't know what he meant by that..." I told him. 

"Tomas 2.. You're acting weird. There is no such thing as, 'We're doomed'," Percy said, firmly.
"You wimp! Don't speak to me like that!" I slapped him across the back of his head.


"Percy.. Let's get out of this house. Let's go and see if the conductor is okay," I said. 

"What?! Where do you want us to go...?!" Percy questioned me. 
     I grabbed his wrist, and ran down the stairs with him.

"I have a feeling something isn't right. Let's go to his place and find out." 

Percy and I had to run to Knapford Station, just to get Thomas-The Tank Engine to come, and drop us off there.
Thomas whistled.

  "Thomas!! Take me to the "Conductor's" Office!" I ordered.

Thomas took Percy and I to the Conductor's office. 
  "Stay here, Thomas," I began. "Percy and I will be right back." 

"Tomas 2... I'm starting to feel... a bit scared," Percy said. 

"Percy... Don't make me shut you up," I warned.
 I knocked on the door.

"Sir! Tomas Trainus 2 here-" 
No answer.
"Tomas 2!!!" Percy whispered.

  I have no choice. I kicked the door. "HYAHH!!!" 
Percy jumped back, startled. 
"Tomas 2!!?! You're crazy!" Percy winced, and facepalmed. 

        "Shut-" I stopped talking.

I covered my mouth. I see blood all over the floor. 
I turned to see Percy, who seemed like he was going to puke. 
  I walked around, and examined the room. 

I uncovered my mouth. "Percy... Go check the other room. I'll go check under the desk," I said. 

Percy nodded, and walked away.
  I scanned over the conductor's desk. He had lots of paperworks, which were obviously from Sir Topham Hatt.
Gee.... Of course the conductor kept all this... but why isn't this all neat?
I grabbed the paperworks, and stacked them up all in a neat pile.

I hear Percy scream. 

I ran. 
"Perccyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!" I yelled. I kept on running, until I found Percy near the closet. There, I see the conductor's bloodied body. 

"Oh.... Shit... Percy... let's get out of here!!!" I grabbed his wrist, and we both ran. I opened the door, and found Thomas, still there. 

"Hey guys. It took you long-" I interrupted Thomas.

"Thomas! Get us out of here-NOW!!!" I demanded with a shout. We got on, and Thomas whistled. He sped off.

"Hey.. What was that all about?" Thomas asked. 

"I-I-I need to call the police. Drop us off at my office. And Percy-" I looked at Percy. My hand still touching his wrist. I let my hands slide down, until I reached for his hands. I held onto it.  
"And Percy... go home, and try to see if Trainus the Original is there." 
Percy nodded.
 IF Trainus the Original is there.... She better be! I can't seem to remember where she went. It's been long since I've seen her.. but the last time I came to visit her office room, she needed to go to a meeting... 
Thoughts seem to fly everywhere. I'll just let Percy search for her. 

Finally, the arrival to my destination was quick. Good thing Thomas went fast, if it wasn't for this friendly train, I wouldn't have arrived just in time. I quickly got off. 

"Wait-Tomas 2! Will you be alright?" Percy asked, worriedly. I turned around and smiled. 
       "Will YOU be alright?" A smile back from Percy.

"Y-Yes. Of course," He replied. 
      "Good. See you then. Thomas-come back.. to my office," I said. 

Inside the office I go. I can finally report the body to the police. 

I dialed the number. 
"Hello. This is the Sodor Police Station. How may I help you?" The voice answered.

"Hi! I need help... The conductor.. he's.. dead! Please come right away-" 

         "Address? Please tell me the name of the person I am speaking to," The voice said.

"I'm Sir Tomas Trainus 2. The address.... well, don't you know who Ronald Perkins is? He's my con-" Suddenly, I hear a BEEP. 

I froze.
  Did the police just hang up on me?!

Holy crap. I need to get to Percy. 
I ran outside, and stopped. Of course... Thomas wouldn't be here.. since Percy is in the house. But what's taking them forever? If Trainus the Original didn't come.. then what's holding them up?!
I couldn't stay here.The Sodor Police-I used to know, would never hang up on the phone like that. There is something going on, and I could just feel it right now. 
Maybe if I called Gordon to come... No.. That would be a waste of time.. But how about Percy?! I can call Percy!

   I hurried back inside, and dialed another number just to get in contact with the conductors of their trains.
    "May I have access to Percy the Train, please?" I asked one of them.

"No.. Unfortunately, Percy the Train isn't available.. But Sir Trainus 2, there's something I need to tell you," The conductor said. I facepalmed.

    "Dude! I'm trying to get in contact with the other conductors, and this is an emergency!! If your going to act like an idiot, then be it! The High Rank Conductor is dead! The police hung up on me, and now?!" I yelled, furiously. 

   "I'm S-S-Sorry! But the high rank conductor-Ronald Perkins just came out here a few minutes before you ever called... So... You're making a joke out of Mr. Perkin's death?" The conductor told me.
  I gasped.

"What?! He's still.. Alive?! I just saw him dead-" I paused. 
              "I have to go, Sir Trainus 2.. Bye-" Then, he hung up. 

"You stupid retartded-" I pushed the telephone aside, violently. 

    I went back out, and found Thomas... with Percy.

"Percy!" I ran towards him. 
     "Tomas 2? Are you okay?" He asked.
I shook my head.
   I had told everything about what happened to Percy. Percy seemed shocked, but also scared..

      "I can't find Trainus the Original... She's not even home!" Percy sighed.

I rested my hand on his shoulder.
"Percy... What the hell is going on?" I could feel tears fall down off my cheeks. 

Percy rested his hand in my shoulder, too.

"Tomas 2. Today was a weird, crazy and creepiest day. We'll find out, I know it," He said. 

I nodded and smiled,weakly. 
Could we find out what's going on? 

I opened the door, and sighed. 
  "Tomas 2.....? Will you sleep well, tonight?" Percy asked me. 

"I-I don't know. Goodnight to you," I muttered, and began to walk away.  Percy grabbed me by the arm. 
  As I walked away, slowly, my head started to spin. I felt dizzy. 

     I colllasped. 
"Trainus 2?!!!" I hear Percy's voice. 
  I felt him grab me. 

"Percy..... Perc-" I could only see darkness. 

The Next Morning...

I wake up, finding myself on the living room couch. 
I smelled something.. Delicious.
    "Morning, Trainus 2!" Percy exclaimed. I see him carry a tray, with a plate of eggs, and bacon. I had toast added to the side. 

  "Morning," I responded with a small groan. I rubbed my eyes. My hair was such a mess. My tie wasn't on my shirt, and my shoes were off. 
  "Here's breakfast," Percy handed me the tray full of food. 

"Thanks." I smiled.

I started to eat, but then I just realized something. 

"Hey Percy? Since when did you learn how to cook?" I asked him. 
Percy grinned. 

"Ehh.... I guess it's nothing." He rubbed the back of his neck. 
I giggled. 
After breakfast, I washed up, and fixed my hair. I made my hair into a ponytail. I wore freshly, cleaned suits from the closet, and also wore a hat.
I put on shoes, and fixed my tie. 

Percy examined me. "Hmm... You look like you're going back to work.. But are you sure? You had a stressful time.. and a major headache yesterday," He pointed out. 

   "I'm fine. Trust me. Just stay home and wait for Tomas Trainus the Original, okay?" I tell him.
"Okay. But.. what if Tomas Trainus the Original doesn't come back home?" Percy asked. 
I facepalmed.
"Then.... I'll go to the Sodor Police Station, and kick their ass!!" I laughed. 
Percy facepalmed. 

   "I'll see you then, Tomas 2. Bye..." 

"Bye Percy." 

I walked out, and made sure my lovely black suit was nice and neat looking. 


Knapford Station was full of crazy shit. 
Many conductors were all gathered. I could see all the trains there. 
   This pissed me off.

"What the hell is going on here?!" I exclaimed. 

   "Sorry Sir Trainus 2... but unfortunately.... the engines wouldn't budge...." said this one conductor. 
  I groaned. 
"Well... we were able to contact Sir Topham Hatt about this," He added. 
 These conductors are all idiots. They're rockheaded morons that didn't know how to use their head. 
   Luckily, I see Gordon and the others. 

"Oh the indignity!!" He let out a sigh. 
     "When will they ever let us out?" Henry's voice was shaking.

There were chatters going on, and everyone was just making me feel like a complete crazy weirdo. 


    "You stupid morons are suppose to let the engines out-not keep them in here! They have jobs to do! Now why don't you all step out of the track before I-" Someone's voice interrupted me. 
I turned around to see Sir Topham Hatt.

"You aren't in charge of this station," He said. 

His voice....
It sounded so familiar!
It just reminds me of the conductor and the person in the background. 
    "I know that. I ain't dumb," I tell him, firmly. 

"We all know you're a third high rank conductor. Have you seen the second high rank conductor?" Sir Topham Hatt replied. 

   "Tomas Trainus The Orginal?" I scoffed. "I haven't seen her. I don't know where's she been.. anyways, these conductors here were blocking the engines from doing their work."
Sir Topham Hatt grunted. 

   "I've ordered them to do this. So, you can go now," He told me.
What the hell?! You freakin ordered them to do this?!

   "Hmmph." I turned around, and walked away. 

I hear snickers. I sighed. 
Now what? I would've got myself fired... did I? Everyone has been acting very strange lately... Maybe if I just stayed home with Percy... Errr.... What a day to start off with. 

That's when I hear a familiar whistle. TOOT TOOT!!
I saw Thomas coming this way!
    "Thomas! Over here!" I exclaimed. I ran. 

    "Sir Trainus 2!" Thomas whistled. 
"Thomas! I need to get on-" Thomas stopped, and I settled myself in. 

     "Where to, Sir Trainus 2?" Thomas asked me. 

"Thomas. I have a favor to ask of you," I replied. 


"Take me to the Mainland! Tell Percy that I'm going to get on contact with one of the police stations there, got it?" I ordered. 
"Wha...?! The Mainland! But that's a very long-" Thomas began, worried. 
     I patted the side of the engine. 

"Thomas. I know you can do it." I smiled. 

     "Alright! Off I go!" Thomas quickly sped off, whistling. 

Third Person POV
Sir Topham Hatt frowned.
   "S-Sir! What shall we do now?" The conductor next to him, asked. 

"Shall we still search for the Sir Trainus the Original?" The other conductor suggests. 
    Sir Topham Hatt held up his hand.

"If we can't find Sir Trainus the Original.. then we should use the second one!!" Sir Hatt growled. 
 "The second one?" The both conductors next to him said.

"Yes. Since Sir Trainus the Original disappeared... There is still the second one...which will be Sir Trainus 2..... I will aim at her smart brain! She may be roughly rude-but she's smart," Sir Topham Hatt explained. 

  "Not just that, she's third-in-rank. The second-in-rank is stupid enough to disappear!!" He added with an evil laughter. 

The conductors snickered with agreed. 
     "Sir.... Your order?" One of them asked. 

"Follow her. Go stalk her and bring her to me!!!" Sir Topham Hatt laughed and laughed. 
    The conductor's gathered other conductors to come with them. Off they went, their mission waiting...
Sir Topham Hatt grinned evilly. 

    Back to Sir Tomas Trainus 2.....

We arrived at the Mainland. 
  "Stop here, please," I tell Thomas. 
Thomas stopped.
   "So... remember to tell Percy, okay?" I said, as I walked out of the engine. 

"Go it!" Thomas exclaimed. He whistled, and off he went. "See ya later, Sir Trainus 2!!" He happily said.
I smiled.

The Mainland was huge-it was a city. 
There were many cars, trucks and busses. 
      I gasped at the sight of this. I needed to hurry and find the police station. I started to run. I avoided the cars passing by. I hear BEEP!!! BEEEPPPPPP!!!
Someone rolled down their car window. 
    "Hey! You crazy idiot! Get out of the way!!" The person yelled. 
I ignored that person, and finally found myself at the sidewalk. I kept walking-until I felt someone grab me, roughly. My lips were being covered by hands. I couldn't scream. 
I felt myself being dragged into an alley. The person pushed me violently, and I fell. 

   I hurt my ass.

"What the-" 
That's when I see a group of guys wearing black, gangster-like clothes. 
I see them spreading out, and letting a tall, man, come through. He had dirty blonde hair, and wore a black jacket, black jeans, and black converse shoes. His eyes were brown. 
 He had sunglasses on, and took them off. Maybe he thought he was cool.

   "Well, well. What do we have here?" He asked. He seemed to be the leader of this gang. 

"Hey boss! I've captured Sir Topham Hatt!!" This one gangster exclaimed. He was short, and skinny. Most of this leader's gang were. They were all short and skinny.... and he was the only tall one. 
I stood up, straightening my suit and hat. 

   "The hell I'm not Sir Topham Hatt!!" I yelled. 

"Fatass. Bitch. Hmm.. what else? An asshole," said the leader.

      I crossed my arms. 
If I reported these morons to the police.. maybe they'd be long gone. 

I decided to run. 

    "After him!" 
I was lucky I outran them. I didn't see any of the gang anymore. I could finally go to the police station- and go home!
I continued walking, and looked behind me to see if anyone was there. I looked in front of me and froze. I see the leader. 
Standing right there.
Shit. Tomas 2.. you should've paid attention...

"I got you now! Aha!" He exclaimed. 

I backed myself away. "Don't go near me... or else.." I warned.

     "Or what? Mr. Hatt. I don't need you to tell me," He said, as he walked closer to me. I hit my back against the wall. 
Damnit, Tomas 2.
I find myself being almost pinned by him. I tried not to breathe. 
 The leader made a fist. 

"Your face-or your stomach? Hmmm?" He whispered. 

       I couldn't answer. 
"Stomach.. then. That'll kill your fat stomach. Mr. Hatt," He said. 

He was going to punch me when I blocked. "Don't touch me you pervert!!" I kicked him, and finally had air. 
    He groaned.

"Did y-you just call me a pervert? What are you? Gay?" He responded, wincing. 

        "I'm a GIRL. You really have bad visions for a person. And I'm NOT Sir Topham Hatt," I tell him, sharply. 

I straightened my clothes, and walked away.
   I ran. 

          While I was running, I found a building that had large words: 

Mainland Police Station.

"Umm... Mr. Trainus 2? Where are you from?" The person in the front desk asked. 

       "I work around Knapford Station-which is in Sodor Island," I tell him.
"And....It's Ms. Trainus 2- not MR," I added.

        "Alrighty then." The person was a man who had glasses on. There was a large computer in front of him. I hear the computer mouse click. And I also hear the man typing. 
"Okay- Mr. Sir Tomas Trainus 2? I'll call the conductors of Knapford Station and will see if they would go to Mr. Perkin's house-" The man said.
It's Ms. Tomas Trainus 2!! Why can't you understand?! So retarded!

     It took me a few minutes to wait. My foot began to tap rapidly on the ground. My arms were crossed- showing that I was impatient. 
    "Umm... Mr. Trainus 2?" The guy began as he set the phone down. "They told me that there was no body... and.... they didn't see blood... so if you're making this all a joke-" I interrupted him.

     "You gotta be kidding me!! You know what? This isn't some joke here!" I raised my voice. 

"Hey!!" I see an officer come by. "Don't speak to him like that! If you are going to stand there and make a commotion, then leave!" 

 I am so done. I stomped off. As I walked outside, I felt someone grab me by the shoulder. 
     "Huh?" I turned around, and snatched the hand... but this hand belonged to the same guy..

That leader.

   I let go of his hand.

"Hey!" He exclaimed. 

          "What do you want from me?!" I yell. 

"Nothing really... I was wondering if you'd reported me," He replied. 

       "You moron! Were you... by any chance., following me?!" I shriek.

He held up both his hands, as if to block. "Hey... I was just curious.. anyways..." 

   "Who are you?" I demanded.

"C-Chris Pratt....." He began. "And you are....?"

     I facepalmed.
"Sir Tomas Trainus 2," I responded. 
        "Wait.. wha?!" 

"I'm going to leave now... Mr. Pratt.. back home I go-" I walked away. 
        "Hey! Sir Trainus! Why do you want to leave? Or... are you truly Sir Topham Hatt?" Chris said, as he caught up to me. I glared at him. 

"Y'know, for a guy like you, YOU'RE ANNOYING," I snapped. 

    "Gee. I was just kidding," He smirked. 

"Good thing I'm not staying here, cause I need to go home, and home is-"

      Chris facepalmed.

"Please don't say....."

       "Yes. I am going to the world of Sir Topham Hatt," I tell him with an ignorant smile. 

I walked away.

The sun was going down, and it seemed a little late. I waited for Thomas to come-but with Chris. If only this weirdo left.. and didn't come back... I would be more happy to stay by myself. 
I hear a familiar whistle. 

"Sir Trainus 2! I finally had a chance to come back!" Thomas exclaimed. 

     "What the hell is that?" Chris asked.

"An engine," I whispered. I got on. 

         "Hey! Are you coming or what?!" I yelled, sarcastically. I really didn't want him to come... seriously. This guy won't stop following me around. 

During the night-time train ride, Chris had something to tell me.

   "Hey.. Why are you dressed up like that?" He questioned me. I sighed.

"It's a long story," I tel him. 

     "Okay.. I'm waiting.."

"When I first arrived to Sodor Island.. I was given a job by Sir Topham Hatt as a "regular conductor" a completely normal person would've had. I came to that island with a friend of mines from New York. That's when it all changed. Since I was a "very-talented-conductor", Sir Topham Hatt simply changed my rank as a normal conductor-right into a third-high-rank conductor! He gave me clothes-like a black suit I'm wearing now, a hat, and black shoes! He gave me a black tie, too! I was so happy that day. Sir Topham Hatt bought me a new house-and there... I lived with my friend. My friend was surprised that I was a high rank conductor... but not that high.." I explained. 

      "If you were in third rank-then who was second or first?!" Chris asked.

 "First... was the man named Ronald Perkins.. Next.. was Sir Trainus the Original-" Chris interrupted. 

  "Trainus the Original? I wondered why your last name ended with a 2," He pointed out.

  "Errr... That's not it. Trainus the Original is in second place of the rank. I've only seen her like once.. and then.... I never heard of her," I told him. 

I nodded, slowly. Good thing Thomas went in fast-speed.
We arrived back at Knapford station. Well, I'm guessing this was Chris' first time here... I mean, he lives in the Mainland with his gangster team, and all that... But should he stay? 
I glanced over to him. He didn't have his sunglasses on, but I have to admit.. He was hot. 

"So, Mr. Pratt, I'll be going to my house. Thomas here will-" Chris interrupted me.

"Don't call me Mr. Pratt, it's Chris, okay? I know you'll be going home. But.... I-I just wanted to say....." He said.
I raised one eyebrow. "Say what?" Chris looked down, and then shook his head. He looked up at me.

I sighed.
"Alrighty then, Mr. Pratt. I'll see you tomorrow, or maybe-NO." I started to get off of Thomas. 

"HEY!" Chris exclaimed. 

"Just kidding!" I exclaimed, back. I was laughing.

When I arrived home, Percy seemed really worried. His hair was all messed up, and the house was a mess! 

"Percy, what's wrong?" I ask, as I walked over towards him. He was on the floor, not saying anything at all. 

I kneeled down. "Percy?" He looked at me. His eyes watered. 

"T-T-Tomas 2........ What took you so long?!!" Suddenly, I felt his body against mines, making me fall from where I was kneeling. His arms wrapped all around me. 

It happened so quick.... It's like as if.... I don't know how to say it. 

"P-P-P-Percy?" I stuttered, stunned. I could even hear his sobs. 

"T-Tomas 2......" He began. 
I sighed, deeply. 
"I'm sorry I worried you, Percy." I rubbed his back. "But please don't cry..." 

Percy's sighs were trembling, but he continued to cry. 
After I was done comforting him,  I pulled away from this "hug" that he had formed. 
 Percy looked calm, for now. 
I ran my fingers through his messed-up hair. 
"I guess it's time to go to sleep now," I tell him. Percy nodded. 

I got up, and heads toward upstairs to change into my pajamas. It was nothing but a white, polka dotted, clothes. The shirt was sleeveless, and the pants were long. 
I closed my bedroom door, and turned off the lights. 
I climbed onto my bed, and drowned myself right into the covers of my blanket. 

 My eyes were going to close, when the door of my bedroom opened. I looked up to see Percy. 

"P-Percy? Why-" 
He cut me off. 





My "He controls the Universe" story is rated mature. 
The picture is not owned by me. 
  The story I write is rated M. 
May contain violence, TTTE, and Evil Sir Topham Hatt, Percy Jackson, and 
Also an actor, which I put in my story. 
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